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Whether selling, buying, or simply surveying, properly analyzing markets is the most crucial aspect of valuation. Corporate Lift uses a combination of resources to acquire important data but none more important than its network of reputable aviation professionals. All data is compiled into well-organized charts and spreadsheets for an intuitive review experience. We analyze macro-economic and specific market trends to help understand supply and demand as they relate to global target markets. Our final product is a three-tiered value analysis representing dealer, wholesale, and retail estimates.


Once armed with the proper data, its time to effectively market your aircraft. While we offer the standard email blasts and print ads, target marketing is the most effective approach and we feel nothing is more important than personally reaching out to targeted buyers to discuss our opportunities.


Corporate Lift is a full service aircraft dealer and brokerage firm with a knowledge base across all light to heavy jet markets.

Private Jet Broker

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Whether you are a Fortune Company or high net-worth individual, we offer valuations services, residual forecasting, depreciation analysis, and competing aircraft comparisons.


We work effectively with attorneys, title agents, flight crews, corporate officers, tax advisers, management companies, maintenance facilities, and other important vendors. We can offer our own team of trusted vendors or work with yours.

Leasing & Financing

We closely monitor the aviation finance industry in order to provide preferred vendors for leveraging options. We also offer leveraged lease analysis and provide short and long-term lease listing services as a sale alternative.